#1: Why is My Child in the Autism Spectrum?

Lesson #1: Accept with grace the things you cannot change. Your special needs child deserves your unconditional love, support, and acceptance.

            As a mother, I’ve asked myself why many times. How did my child become Autistic, and why did this happen to us? Perhaps this journey is not about me or my child, but rather it’s about the lives we can touch in positive ways.

            It is a difficult journey – one filled with hardship and sacrifice, but it’s one we have to endure. There are many decisions all the time, and there’s always the thought that I’m not doing enough.

            I am coming the point of acceptance, and I no longer find myself fighting the diagnosis. I’ve often wondered if I fought so hard for the last 7 years, because I thought that if my son was “normal” (whatever that is) he’d be more predictable, easier to work with, and my life would be easier or better.

            I really believe that a genetic predisposition was triggered by environmental factors. Sometimes I find myself wondering what steps I could have taken to change my lot. Well, I don’t dwell on those things too long. What is done is done, and I have a 9 year-old who’ll be 10 in a few weeks, and he needs my help. Each day I “roll up” my sleeves and get to work! I don’t have a moment to spare, because I am now fighting for the quality of his life, and I want him to have the very best!


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