#6: Dads and Moms Need Respite Help

Lesson #6: Provide Support and Relief - Parents need Breaks Too.

            As parents of children in the Autism Spectrum, we need a break. What do you do to relieve stress and get a break? Can you take a short trip, “hang out” with friends, exercise, go to a movie, engage in a hobby, take a walk, or spend time alone? The answer to that question is very important for your health and well being.

            I have had trouble reviving and rejuvenating myself, and I realize that I need to do that in order to keep my sanity and my sense of well being. There’s just not enough time… Between working, maintaining a home, caring for the multifaceted needs of my son, and doing just a little work with other children through my church, I don’t really have much time.

            This is very difficult. My parents and siblings are not local, and I would depend on them for that type of support. Couple that with the difficulty I have asking for help, and I’m a often overloaded. How do you handle this? Have you found a way to balance all the responsibilities? We have a tremendous responsibility. Let me hear from you. How are your handling respite, are you getting any help, any rest, and any breaks?


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