#9: Ask Me If I Need Help, Don’t Just Stare!

Lesson #9: I will offer to help; I won’t stare or pass judgment.

            If you see a child misbehaving in public, please don’t stare or pass judgment on the child’s parents. Don’t respond with statements like the following:

           “She doesn’t know what she’s doing,”

           “What a spoiled brat!”

           “I’ll bet I could make that kid behave.”

           “Some people shouldn’t have kids.”

           "That's what's wrong with the world now, parents like her."

           Please understand that my child’s behavior is related to his neurological wiring, and he may be having difficulty with any number of things: changes in the weather, the noise level, lighting in the building, anxiety, physical pain or uncomfortable sensations like hunger or sinus pressure. He may be afraid of an unfamiliar setting or he may be having trouble integrating and/or filtering information from his senses.

            I would appreciate your offer of help rather than your cruel remarks or cold stares. If you don’t know how you can help, please know that I would rather have your kind smile, an understanding hug, or an encouraging word. If you are unable to respond with any of these, please just walk away.  


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