LTEC 6240: Artificial Intelligence Applications

Catalog Description:

Theoretical and practical applications of AI are discussed. Topics studied include neural computing, social issues in AI, natural language processing, and robotics. Prerequisite: CECS 5100 or equivalent programming course and consent of instructor.

Advising Information:

Students in this course examine the goals and directions within AI. They study modules on Neural Computing, Expert Systems/DSS, Robotics, and Natural Language. Applications of AI and its practical uses in business, medicine, manufacturing, art, and education are emphasized. Discussions on consciousness, reasoning, machine vs. human intelligence, and the advantages and disadvantages of AI are covered.


After completing this course, students should have the ability to successfully complete the following tasks with 90% accuracy:

  • Prepare a rationale for the use of AI in both a corporate and educational environment.
  • Describe the social, ethical, and legal issues that surface when AI is used in business and educational environments.
  • Compare and contrast at least two areas of AI.
  • Develop an AI project, explain its significance, and critique its effectiveness.