CECS 5020: Computers in Education

Catalog Description:

Analysis of computer use in education and applications programming in education. Topics include software and hardware evaluation, planning computer education curricula and facilities. Prerequisite(s): CECS 5010 (may be taken concurrently).

Advising Information:

Objectives:Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:· Discuss how technology has changed and will continue to change the traditional roles in education of   the teacher, the student and the school· Discuss mapping learning tasks and computer functions· Experience the process of designing activities before using the computer, after using the computer, and   while using the computer. · Utilize and create a repertoire of word processing activities for the classroom· Evaluate different Desktop Publishing packages using stand criteria· Design and implement lessons that use Desktop Publishing software· Describe the difference between Paint and Draw programs· Evaluate different desktop Drawing/Painting packages using stand criteria· Create lessons that include the use of Drawing/Painting software to achieve the objectives· Evaluate different desktop Database packages using stand criteria· Design or apply a lesson that uses database software to achieve given objectives· Explain the differences between appropriate database and spreadsheet applications· Distinguish between constructivist learning and teacher directed learning· Discuss the Internet and its history· Explain why the WWW is a valuable classroom resource· Identify criteria for selecting websites· Design and implement effective lessons that use the WWW or the Internet· Discuss the principles of cooperative learning· Understand the elements specified in Acceptable Use Policies· Distinguish between and be able to construct behavioral and cognitive objectives based on material  provided.· Compare adaptive and assistive devices· Discuss the special needs of all students in the multicultural classroom

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