Statement of Teaching

As an Educator, I believe that I am grounded in both Constructivist and Behaviorist Theories. I view learning as a cooperative exchange between students and teachers, and I feel that learning is not necessarily an observable change in behavior, but the development of new skills, the examination of new processes, and the ability to transfer and apply knowledge. I believe that Behavioral Principles and activities are necessary for learners without prerequisite skills, but I further believe that these learners should be presented with opportunities to gain needed skills and move toward a level of understanding that allows them to function at higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy – analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

Teaching and learning are partnerships where roles are reversed and exchanged. Students in my classroom have the opportunity to perform in both capacities as we work together to foster mutual understanding and knowledge.

I feel that it is my responsibility to keep my knowledge-base up to date and incorporate new learning experiences for my students. I use a variety of cooperative and collaborative strategies in my classroom as I seek to develop the human capacity within my students. I embrace diversity and welcome exceptionalities. I work with parents, colleagues, and students to plan and develop the most creative and rewarding learning experiences possible. I view myself as a facilitator, and I try to combine the best practices for teaching with technology. I believe that technology is a vehicle than can foster new skills, promote technical competence, develop authentic learning scenarios, increase the potential for learning, and enhance the marketability and global competitiveness of each of my students.

These principles serve me well in both my UG and Graduate Courses. I enjoy working in online and face-to-face formats, and I have found that clear communication of expectations, advanced notice, frequent dialogue, feedback, and student engagement are critical for success in both venues.